Our Mission

To transform students at UC San Diego into sustainable professionals by providing practical experiences and developing behaviors which lead to a sustainable campus, nation, and world.

Our Networks

US Green Building Council Students is a national network of college and university student groups. This affiliation provides numerous benefits, including: discounted prices on USGBC materials, complimentary access to online LEED courses, invitations to USGBC Students job fairs, networking opportunities with green professionals, and a resume-building relationship with a nationally recognized organization.

In addition to these perks, USGBC Students at UCSD is unique in that we’re home to a USGBC Students group, a regional chair, and a national chair! This means that we have close connections on the national level, which we contact frequently. This contact may be through phone conferences for certain members, general or personal email communications, or unique discounts to huge events like the 2012 Greenbuild conference!

Our History

US Green Building Council Students at UCSD was created in 2009 by two sustainably-minded students. Terriann Nohilly and Jennifer Hull were both active in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification projects on campus when they decided to start the group. However, due to certain unavoidable circumstances the group was abandoned shortly thereafter.

In April 2011, due to recurrent interest, the group was restarted and the current five-member board was elected. The elected candidates were selected from the student volunteers on the San Diego Supercomputer Center East Expansion LEED project.

The emerging student group had (and continues to have) tremendous support from the Green Campus Program at UCSD, which helped organize events like the LEED Green Associate Exam Prep Course held in the summer of 2011. Also, over the summer, USGBC Students participated in the “Don’t Be Trashy” event at UC San Diego, which helped incoming freshman and transfer students recycle their moving supplies, while spreading awareness of our student group.

Fall Quarter 2011 was dedicated to building the backbone of USGBC Students. We launched our new mailing listserv, email address, and this great website! We have also gathered numerous projects and opportunities for our student members to pursue. USGBC Students is fortunate to have a national network of people and organizations which are interested and supportive of our mission. 2012 promises to be a wonderful year, so get involved today!